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Welcome to the website from Solex Service Ad van Heerbeek, for more than 30 years specialized in repairing solexes and delivering parts for all types of Solexes. Placed orders will be sent to you at the same day in almost any case!

Please feel free to contact me for a reliable advice about Solex parts and other Solex related questions. 

We can repair complete engines, flywheels and drive rollers


Solex Service Ad v Heerbeek is located in the province of Brabant in Holland. A province where the Solex over 30 years ago found his resurrection. The solex driving in Brabant became famous in the races and the solex rental. On the Brabant roads the Solexes of the type 3800 and Oto are mostly riding around, the other types are often among collectors in the attic. There are the types Ami (blue solex) which is gaining more and more popularity. The Ami is especially popular with women, probably because of the striking colour of the Ami. In terms of engine and frame, the Ami is exactly the same as the type Oto. We also know the type Solex Pepper pot, the first type, and then the type Solex Koffertje (Dutch). The type Solex Sugar bowl is then released.

The newer type of solexes, 3800 and Oto, are the most popular under the solex riders.

This stems from the ease of use of both Oto as 3800. The Oto and 3800 both have a link which is the comfort, while driving greatly improved. For the type of Pepper pot and type Koffertje should be the Solex always cycled speed. Even after the slowdown these types should be brought up to speed again. The type of Solex pepper pot is in the Netherlands in 1948 placed on the market. In the 50 ‘s the Dutch drove  on a Solex pepper pot or later on the type Koffertje. At that time a car was not affordable for many Dutch, the Solex on the other hand, because of its low price, though. In total there are more than 8 million! Solexes sold all over the world.
The type Solex Oto is the most sold model in the 60’s.

In France, the type Micron is made, the Micron was released in both the colours red and blue. The Micron was used by driving schools in France. The Micron is the version without headlight (red Micron) or blue Micron, with lighting. Of the type Micron there are only about 4000 Solexes made. This makes the Micron fairly rare. For this reason, various Micron's brought from France into the Netherlands. After the type Oto, the type 3800 was made and in 1973 also the type 5000. The 5000 has smaller wheels and is a typical Dutch product. The 5000 is the first official Dutch moped. The 5000 is also called the Westerterp Solex, derived from the then Minister of Transport. The Solex disappeared in 1973 from the state picture, because of the compulsory helmet. This stagnated sales and production in the Netherlands. In particular, women did not want to drive the Solex because it brought their hair out of style.

In the 80's Solex attempt to reconnect on the market, called Solex Motobecane. The Motobecane was a full French solex. In the Netherlands, Yamaha brought this type on the market. The Motobecane was virtually the same as the old type 3800 but more modern. The Motobecane has modern levers allowing the quality of the brake improved. The Motobecane was at a white, red and black version marketed. The white and red Motobecane were the least popular. Of the type Motobecane small numbers were manufactured. Eventually the Motobecane died a quick death; the sales did not come about very well.
In the 90's in Hungary the Solex S 3800 was made. The S 3800 was a copy of the Motobecane. Initially, the S 3800 sold well and several S 3800 cars were sold in the Netherlands. After a few years, however, sales stagnated and the factory in Hungary was closed.

All machines that made S 3800 have been scrapped. At that time a factory in China was started. The name Solex could not perform so the Solexes were called Black and Roll. The Black and Roll was initially eager to hand but the quality of the Black and Roll left to be desired. The Black and Roll is less robust and reliable than the S 3800/3800, the European version. Of the Black and Roll 4800, were sold till today, about 2000 pieces. The Black and Roll is often called the type 4800. The type 4800 is again a copy of the type of 3800 and S 3800. The 4800 is finished, in particular the motor, less good than the 3800 or S 3800. Solex Service Ad van Heerbeek supplies parts of all types of Solex; however, the emphasis is on the types 3800/4800 and Oto.

The Solex, Solex 6000 and Flash we provide virtually no parts, there's not our interest. The quality of the 6000 and the Flash is not very good. On this Solexes a helmet must be worn. In the 6000 you will find the ignition coil under the engine. This makes the 6000 and Flash very susceptible to interference. The Solex 6000 and Solex Flash have not the appearance of the classic Solex.


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